Tavistock College Tour

Students and staff from Tavistock College

In July SKRUM welcomed 8 students and staff from Tavistock College to the Kingdom.  The visitors from Tavistock, UK, had raised funds in order to assist with the much needed renovation of Egebeni Primary School.

During their week with SKRUM the team renovated 104 desks, 46 window panes and 7 chalkboards  as well as assisting with SKRUM coaching and classroom sessions.  The students worked incredibly hard all week, showing amazing spirit and determination to get the job done, whilst also finding time to climb execution rock!  Much fun was had with the local students who were thrilled with their new look school.

Tavistock tem and desks   mending desks    renovating chalkboards   Fixing window panes   classroom image   cheers as job completed   climbing execution rock

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