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SKRUM works closely with partner organisations who provide expertise and support us in our mission to give hope to the youth of Eswatini.
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Who we work with


Rhino Rugby

Since 1980, Rhino has gone from being a small UK based pioneering manufacturer of scrummaging machines, into one of the world’s leading rugby and team sport brands. Alongside world leading scrum machines, contact and breakdown equipment, they offer balls, team kit, as well as performance focused sportswear and casual wear.

Rhino Rugby have been a long-standing partner of SKRUM, providing us with balls and kit for our coaching sessions and supporting our UK fundraising activity.

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Edwin Doran Sports Tours

Edwin Doran is the leading organiser of quality sports tours throughout the world. Renowned for their experience, expertise and all-important extra touches, their staff bring extensive knowledge, innovative ideas and a friendly, personal approach.

Edwin Doran have been arranging school tour groups to Eswatini for a number of years. By partnering with SKRUM, the tourists have the opportunity to join in with our rugby coaching sessions or partner with a local school, to give something back to the communities they visit.

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Rosslyn Park

The Rosslyn Park National Schools Sevens has evolved into the world's largest rugby tournament with some 7,000 boys and girls aged 13 - 18 competing annually. From its humble beginning in 1939, it has been held every year since, becoming one of the oldest continuous tournaments. Originally it was a knock-out competition for public schools but as interest grew it was extended to include grammar, comprehensive and preparatory schools.

SKRUM are proud to be the charity partner of the Rosslyn Park National Schools Sevens. We can be seen each day with our inflatable rugby challenge game and in 2018 SKRUM will present the Fair Play award for each tournament held.

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Lovell Rugby

Lovell Rugby is a sports retail company that was founded in 1990. Thanks to hard work and dedication, the company went on to become the world’s largest online rugby store with its successes meaning the company could branch out into Lovell Soccer and Lovell Netball, forming Lovell Sports. Lovell Rugby operates as an online rugby products store providing a range of items from training and match day clothing and footwear to equipment and leisure wear. Based in Paignton, Devon it is also the home of free rugby boot personalisation.

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  • One can never find suitable words to use to express our appreciation for the lessons that we get from the SKRUM team. The ever energetic and welcoming team has not only introduced the sport into our school but they have also offered priceless / valuable information on HIV/AIDS and gender based violence. This information is of great help to our students as it creates an awareness about these issues.

    Principal | Fonteyn Secondary School

  • “My time in Swaziland has been amazing. The classroom session was very rewarding because the students responded very well and seemed like they really wanted to improve the situation in Swaziland. Our trip to Mliba High was one of the great SKRUM days that I hope to have many more of throughout my time here.”

    Peter Thomas | Volunteer

  • “The third school that we visited had some very shocking statistics. 75% of all of the students in the primary school are OVCs (orphans) as either one of both parents in most circumstances had been lost to HIV or AIDS. We worked out that, out of 282 students, that meant 212 were orphans! This was so shocking and really did make all of us think that something really has to be done to stop this being a statistic anywhere else.”

    Bethany Neave | Volunteer

Ways you can help

With increased awareness, figures for HIV/AIDS infection are starting to fall. Please help us to continue to reinforce the message of Pass the Ball Not the Virus. 
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Ways you can help

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