Depending on who you are, there are many ways you can get involved and support SKRUM.

If you are a school you can join the SKRUM Schools Partnership Programme and help in a number of ways:

  • Target a couple of fundraising events per year, such as dress-down or mufti days / cake sales ; run sports or rugby matches, days or activities, including inter-school competitions or sportsman dinner/ evening
  • Correspondence projects and relationship-building such as “pen pal” letter writing with Swazi pupils
  • Concerted classroom projects undertaken with partner school(s) in Swaziland
  • Old equipment and kit donations - these can be made direct, or arranged through the SOS Kit Aid charity, which has close ties with SKRUM

If you are a school, club or fundraising organisation there are many ways you can target sponsorship into SKRUM's life-changing work:

  • SKRUM coaches - existing and new - can be sponsored to help us reach more schools
  • SKRUM's vehicles and fuel can be sponsored - without them we cannot travel to all the rural communities we need to visit
  • Swazi schools, pupils and teachers can of course also be sponsored direct and we can assist with that process

If you are a university:

  • You could run a research project on the impact of SKRUM's unique work within Swaziland - this would be hugely beneficial for us because we know we are having an effect but currently it is difficult to prove, other than through testimony

If you are based in the UK and have time and energy to give:

  • Please offer to help either with our fundraising and administration.

 If any of these apply to you or your organisation, please email the SKRUM founders direct in Swaziland at


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