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With increased awareness, figures for HIV/AIDS infection are starting to fall. Please help us to continue to reinforce the message of Pass the Ball Not the Virus. 
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Ways you can help


  • Our first two weeks here have been nothing short of incredible. The opportunities we have been given are once in a life time and we are certainly welcoming them with our arms wide open. We have seen life changing things in our time here and I know I am leaving Swaziland a better person because of it.”

    Ollie Hill | Volunteers

  • “When the party arrived in Swaziland there was an immediate tangible sense of something unique. This was underlined by the staggering setting of Mphini Primary School, well off the beaten track into the mountains, where we would be working for the duration of our visit. This was a truly humbling and immeasurably rewarding trip.”

    Marcus Sharrad | Head of Exercise & Sport Sciences, Marlborough College

  • “One can never find suitable words to use to express our appreciation for the lessons that we get from the SKRUM team. The ever energetic and welcoming team has not only introduced the sport into our school but they have also offered priceless / valuable information on HIV/AIDS and gender based violence.”

    Principal | Fonteyn Secondary School

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