SKRUM's challenge is that Swaziland has the world's highest known rate of HIV/AIDS infection - 28% of the 1,200,000 population. The average life expectancy is 51 and 24% of all children between the age of 0-17 are orphans and 45% are classed as orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs).

SKRUM's mission is to engage the youth of Swaziland in the sport of rugby, at the same time educating participants about HIV/AIDS, inspiring better leadership in communities, reinforcing positive attitudes about gender and cross-gender relations and promoting the benefits of school and education through rugby's core values: respect, discipline, passion, solidarity and integrity.

SKRUM's strategy - Since 2008, SKRUM has visited up to six schools per week, coaching and educating between 60 and 100 children at each school. SKRUM introduces them to rugby and, in partnership with the relevant government bodies, also takes the opportunity to educate the children in HIV/AIDS, gender & health awareness and social skills necessary for healthy and responsible living. SKRUM also provides dedicated classroom sessions, explicitly reinforcing the crucial and life-changing HIV/AIDs messaging to those pupils who do not take part in the SKRUM Coaching Sessions.

At this moment in time because of SKRUM's actions, rugby is currently the fastest growing sport in Swaziland.

SKRUM'S impact - Although there are not yet any formal figures, we have many testimonies to the effects and impact of SKRUM's work - read a sample in the Testimonials page. To date, the SKRUM coaches have visited 650 schools throughout Swaziland.


SKRUM - Registered Charity No. 1123597
SKRUM is a limited company registered in England and Wales, No. 06505701