The SKRUM Schools Partnership Programme operates primarily as a fundraising and awareness initiative for SKRUM, and as an educational, awareness and relationship-building programme mainly for UK schools, with the added ability to extend into a GAP Year and volunteering scheme through SKRUM’s existing links and set-up.

The primary objective is to foster enduring links between schools (driven by a rugby focus) and the schools community in Swaziland, using rugby and education as the link. The programme will be made up of achievable activities allowing students from both countries to interact and learn about each other’s lifestyles, cultures, challenges and aspirations. 

The fundraising focus in the UK will allow SKRUM to continue to maintain and grow its life-changing work in Swaziland and Southern Africa, where it introduces the game of rugby and its values into schools, and at the same time passes on life-saving education in HIV/AIDS.

In addition, the SSPP can be used as a pathway to volunteering, with UK pupils given the opportunity to travel to Swaziland and work with SKRUM alongside the charity’s founder, Michael Collinson, and his team of coaches. Here they will see and work on a daily basis alongside young Swazis, helping the charity in its dual mission. Almost without exception, on returning to the UK, pupils are inspired to share with their peers the positive changes their efforts and actions have made.

How the programme can benefit participating UK schools

  • Links with Swazi schools and pupils can provide classes and individuals with genuinely life-changing experiences and correspondence
  • SKRUM ambassadors and supporters can provide schools leading in the programme with rugby coaching and guest speaking for events and assemblies
  • Immediate access to SKRUM’s ready-made volunteer and GAP Year schemes
  • Schools can obtain promotional literature and resources about SKRUM’s work
  • Online “Buy a Brick” page can allow schools to set up simple, coordinated fundraising efforts
  • Introduction to SKRUM’s commercial partners where appropriate, including sports equipment retail, tour operators, health insurance.

SKRUM recognizes that each school is different

Since SKRUM launched in 2007 it has visited well over 600 schools. SKRUM understands schools and most of all it understands that no two schools are the same. 

Although the SSPP SKRUM aims to create a uniform structure allowing schools to foster strong and lasting relationships with both the charity and schools in Africa, the charity also recognizes that each school and partnership is unique. Each school’s individual character, attributes and requirements, along with its pupils’ talents and aspirations, will help shape each and every partnership.

This is something SKRUM is passionate about and we look forward to working with schools in both continents to help realise their ambitions in this joint enterprise. 

To sign your school up for the SKRUM Schools Partnership Programme, either get in touch with the Rosslyn Park club (SKRUM is charity partner of the Rosslyn Park National Schools Rugby Festival), or email


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